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Palisades Imaging

Patients Deserve Maximum Quality And Minimal Radiation

Imaging services are available to any outside office or patient (not limited to patients of The Palisades Dentists).

Few locations in West Los Angeles have the capability to offer precise imaging using the 5-in-1 Carestream 9600 CBCT scanner. Whether you’re a general practitioner, a specialist, or a patient in need of the most precise, highest quality diagnostic imaging– we have your solution.

The CS 9600 redefines quality and usability, making it an ideal imaging system for dental professionals and specialists who want a new level of precision for their patients.

  • For dental diagnostics (endodontics, implant planning, general pathology and evaluation), head and neck, TMJ, ENT, etc.
  • AI-powered positioning helps get consistent results effortlessly and quickly (less than a few minutes).
  • Broadest range of volume sizes are available with up to 14 FOV.
  • Walk-ins and same-day appointments available.
  • 3D Scans are given to a patient at the end of their appointment on a readable compact disc– the imaging software is downloaded onto the disc, so ANY computer can view the scan. No need to download software, or have a special account to view the image.
  • Low dose modes deliver 86% LESS radiation than 2D panoramic images.

For questions or to schedule an appointment: 310.459.0014