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At The Palisades Dentists,

Our mission is to change the way you feel about going to the dentist.

 We Value…

Relationships of trust, support, and confidence with one another and our patients. We believe in providing exceptional care, and an entire patient experience. We value minimally invasive, evidence-based, holistic care– meaning, oral health is a part of overall health.

We Promise…

To use methods and technology to offer the finest in general, cosmetic, and specialty dental healthcare in Pacific Palisades.

Our modernized office provides cutting edge technology, and treatment rooms are designed for your privacy and relaxation.  Our rooms feature first-class leather treatment chairs for your comfort and streaming entertainment.   Digital x-rays, 3-D imaging, digital scanning, as well as laser technology are also used to provide a comfortable experience at the highest standard of care.

We Feel…

Honored to do what we do.  We feel that it’s a privilege to serve.  We take pride in what we do, and we love being able to help patients achieve healthier, more beautiful, functional smiles and healthier, more beautiful, functional lives.

"I can't praise Pali Dentists enough. The care is incredible -- both doctors have years of experience and their personalities are delightful. Who ever knew the dentist could be such a pleasant experience?!"

- Amy S.

Dr. Moncayo


Dr. Cerisa Moncayo is a firm believer in the Golden Rule. She strives to offer her patients nothing less than the type of care she would like to receive—a personal, positive, pain-free experience.

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Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology.  As a board certified, USC-trained surgeon Dr. Navid strongly believes in comprehensive treatment planning in order to improve his patients’ overall health, function, esthetics, and quality of life. He is committed to providing his patients with the highest care and latest technology.

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"The office is beautiful."

- Susan T.


General & Cosmetic Dentistry Services

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The Care Plan

A dental wellness plan that covers what you need.

Members get complete coverage for all preventative and basic care,

as well as exclusive member discounts.

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"...all in all a great experience in their office, both during and after any procedure."

- Linda H.