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Biomimetic Dentistry in Pacific Palisades, CA

Biomimetic dentistry refers to the practice of creating restorations that closely mimic the structure, function, and behavior of natural teeth. This approach also aims to preserve as much of the natural tooth whenever possible and integrate the restoration with the treated tooth.

The Palisades Dentists offer biomimetic dentistry as a minimally invasive, holistic approach to restoring smiles.

What Is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry has been recognized for decades, implementing advances in adhesive dentistry, restorative dental materials, and the treatment of cavities.

Adhesive dentistry can be traced back to 1955 when Dr. Michael Buonocore asserted, “A filling material capable of forming strong bonds to tooth structures would offer many advantages over present ones. With such a material, there would be no need for retention and resistance form in cavity preparation.”

His words triggered an upsurge in the study of adhesive dentistry to develop techniques and materials that would replace the more traditional approach of removing a large part of an intact tooth.

Biomimetic dentistry offers a more holistic approach to dentistry. Call the Palisades Dentists today at (310) 459-2303 to book your appointment!

Advancements in Dental Function and Aesthetics

The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry (ABD) determined that the following core philosophies should be followed when creating a biomimetic dental treatment plan:

  • Preserve as much of the dental structure as possible
  • Preserve pulp health to prevent unnecessary root canals
  • Repair teeth that would otherwise require an extraction
  • Increase the adhesiveness of traditional restorations by 400%
  • Minimize dental stress
  • Eliminate dental sensitivity
  • Provide long-lasting restorations that respond naturally to stress, preventing common complications associated with traditional approaches

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Dental Restorations

One of the first advancements in biomimetic dentistry was composite fillings. Today, stress-reducing direct composite materials can provide fillings that last a lifetime.

Also, partial and even full restorations can be made that bond more tightly with the natural tooth structure with the give and take that natural teeth are known for.

Alternative to Traditional Root Canal Therapy (RTC)

Biomimetic dentistry also strives to repair natural pulp whenever possible, using natural alternatives including ozone therapy to fight bacteria and stem cell therapy to regrow natural dental pulp.

With the biomimetic approach, patients can avoid root canal therapy because more of the natural tooth is preserved.

The Big Difference Between Biomimetic and Traditional Dentistry

Traditional Restorative Dentistry

In traditional dentistry, the emphasis is on replacing the natural tooth with a synthetic material.

As a result, the patient has a significantly higher chance of experiencing complications like pain, sensitivity, recession, fracture, and RTC.

Full coverage crowns that include zirconia, PFM, and gold, as well as several metallic inlays and fillings, including those made with amalgam and glass ionomer, are examples of traditional restorations.

Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry incorporates an appreciation of the complex biomechanics that natural teeth employ and techniques that maximize adhesion. Restorative materials mimic the natural properties of teeth, while the structure is maintained by increased adhesion with little or no preparation needed.

A tooth restored biomimetically more closely resembles the behavior, function, strength, and aesthetics of natural teeth.

Want to Learn More?

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