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The Care Plan

A Membership Worth Your Investment

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What is The Care Plan?

It’s a wellness plan that covers all preventative dental care at The Palisades Dentists,

and gives members access to exclusive discounts on other treatment.  Membership is optional.

Why The Care Plan?

⬦    We believe that you and your dental providers should determine your care, not someone sitting in a cubicle who has never seen your mouth.

⬦    We want to keep you HEALTHY…not wait for you to get sick.

⬦    It’s elite care…available to anyone, without restrictions.

⬦    The annual enrollment fee is the same as the average dental insurance cost– and you get higher quality care, with no exclusions or maximums.

⬦    Members have ZERO out of pocket costs for basic and preventative care, and get access to exclusive member discounts on all other general treatment– including cosmetic work and whitening.

What About Insurance?

⬦    Patients deserve to know the truth about dental insurance- there is no “good’ dental insurance coverage, and these companies don’t actually care about you or your health.
⬦    We encourage you to Google “The Truth About Dental Insurance” to gain more insight, or check out our video:

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Become a Member and Start Your Path to Optimal Oral Health

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