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Senior Care Dentistry

Compassionate care in the comfort of your home,living facility, & in our office.

When our loved ones age, their oral health declines along with other aspects health, but taking care of their teeth and gums becomes increasingly important.  Many factors make it difficult to keep regular dental appointments:  other health matters that take higher priority, if they are not ambulatory (unable to walk around and run their own errands), coordination with family or caretakers, etc.

With our Senior Care program, our team can ensure that your senior adult can get the care that they need and deserve.  Our team is happy to discuss your or your loved one’s particular needs, and coordinate any of the following services:

  • In-home visits.  Including: examination, screening, cleaning, consultation, oral hygiene instruction, etc.
  • Facility visits.  These are coordinated with their local living/nursing facilities.
  • Free transportation to our office.
    • Our team can coordinate the visit and transportation for a hassle-free experience for the patient and family.
    • For treatment that cannot be rendered at home, we offer the full spectrum of general dentistry and periodontal/oral surgery for your loved one, including crown & bridge restorations, dentures, extractions, grafting, biopsies, etc.

Our team is expertly trained to treat all ages, and can manage complex medical histories or conditions.

For more information: Call 310.459.2303