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Laser Dentistry & Surgery

With a PerioLase-MVP7, we are able to offer our patients the most versatile procedures in laser dentistry. Treatment includes, but is not limited to:

  • LANAP/Laser Assisted Regeneration (the world’s first FDA Clearance for True Regeneration from gum disease)

A Traditional gum disease treatment methods involve cutting or amputation of the gums. While these methods are generally effective, they are extremely invasive and often require a long recovery time. LANAP® uses a laser light in the deep pockets between the gum and tooth to remove and prevent the bacteria that causes periodontitis. The gums are left completely intact and are compressed against the tooth.

Benefits of LANAP®

The two greatest benefits of LANAP® treatment are the fast healing time and the low discomfort level that it provides. Because it is a minimally invasive procedure there is significantly less healing time needed. There is no cutting of tissue during the procedure so the patient feels very little discomfort.

Minimized downtime following the procedure is a great benefit that allows the patient to return to their normal schedule immediately. Saving teeth and gums and allowing bone regeneration to occur are huge benefits of this procedure. Our goal is always your safety and health. Tooth and bone loss due to gum disease are real risk factors for anyone who has gum disease, so we take it very seriously.

  • laser cleanings
  • biostimulation/low-level laser therapy for TMJ/TMD and nerve disorders
  • gingivectomies (gum contouring)
  • frenectomies
  • removal of cold sores and ulcers