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The Benefits of LANAP® Laser Treatment in Dentistry

November 02, 2018 | LANAP® Laser | The Office of The Palisades Dentists

Close-up of happy female showing her healthy teeth in smile-img-blogLANAP® laser treatment is used in dentistry to stimulate new bone growth, therefore decreasing the size of periodontal pockets to increase the longevity of the chewing system. Different laser settings can be utilized to disinfect the pockets, remove the diseased tissue, and help stimulate bone growth through laser hemostasis.

Patients who have undergone LANAP® gum laser therapy have reported a decrease in their periodontal pocketing by more than 50 percent and have achieved optimal periodontal health. LANAP® laser gum therapy also is exceptionally successful for patients who have already undergone traditional gum therapy. Some of the main benefits of LANAP® laser treatment include:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Does not involve creating incisions in the gum tissue
  • Targets inflammation without removing gum tissue
  • No significant downtime required
  • Superior results
  • Less chance of infection, bleeding, and pain

How LANAP® Laser Treatment Works

Before treatment begins, antibiotics and local anesthesia are administered to ensure patient comfort throughout the process and minimize the risk of infection. The bone is then probed using bone sounding to record an accurate measurement of the periodontal pocket depth. The depth of the gum pocket is indicative of the amount of bone loss a patient has experienced. The laser fiber is pulsated in the affected areas to reduce and disinfect pathogens. The laser delivers a specific amount of light energy to destroy these pathogens, sterilizing the surgical environment.

After the laser disinfects the gum pockets, the calcified plaque, calculus, and debris are removed from the surface of the root with a high-powered ultrasonic scaler. The laser is used again to finish disinfecting the pocket and create a fibrin clot, which is critical to the success of any treatment with the LANAP® laser because it prevents bacteria and food particles from entering the pocket. This method gives the body’s bone-building cells time to target the area and focus on rebuilding the structure of the bone.

Finally, a balanced chewing system is essential for the success of the LANAP® periodontal gum treatment. At three-month intervals following a LANAP® periodontal procedure, the teeth are cleaned, and the bite is assessed for irregularities.

Can I Use the LANAP® Laser for My Treatment?

The revolutionary LANAP® laser can be used to enhance the following treatments:

  • Laser cleanings
  • Gingevectomies
  • Biostimulation/low-level laser therapy for TMJ/TMD and nerve disorders
  • Frenectomies
  • Cold sore and ulcer removal
  • And many more!

For more information about LANAP® laser treatments or to schedule a dental exam, please call the Palisades Dentists at 310.459.2303.