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Bleachorexia: The Risks of Excessive Teeth Whitening

October 18, 2018 | Excessive Teeth Whitening

The average person is bombarded with images of beautiful celebrities with dazzling smiles many times throughout their day. Most men and women want a brighter smile, and seeking professional teeth whitening in moderation can help them achieve and maintain the desired results. However, some patients are unsatisfied with the outcome of their treatments and decide […]

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Your Dental Hygiene Appointment

September 10, 2018 | Dental Hygiene

Typically, patients are advised to schedule professional dental hygiene appointments at least twice per year to have their teeth cleaned and their gums inspected for signs of disease. Some patients may have to see their dentist more often if they smoke, have diabetes, or are pregnant. The type of dental cleaning you will have depends […]

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BOTOX® in Dentistry

August 20, 2018 | BOTOX®

BOTOX® is a tried-and-true treatment for patients who want to smooth facial wrinkles caused by constant muscle contraction. It works by temporarily halting muscle movements that produce creases in the face, resulting in a more youthful and approachable appearance. However, BOTOX® is much more versatile than most people assume. It is known for its cosmetic […]

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Your General Dentistry Options

July 23, 2018 | General Dentistry Services

Tooth damage, tooth decay, gum inflammation, and pain are common reasons for people to seek help from a dental specialist. Patients may decide to see their dentist if they experience worrisome oral discomfort or symptoms. Even if you do not notice anything concerning in your mouth, it is recommended to schedule dental checkups every six […]

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An Introduction to Sleep Dentistry

June 20, 2018 | News

Maintaining the integrity of your teeth is not only crucial for having a beautiful and radiant smile, but it is also essential for optimal oral health. Scheduling biannual check-up appointments and seeking preventative dental treatments are vital for proper oral care. However, going to the dentist can be frightening to those who have had painful […]

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