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Not flossing? Not feeling guilty because of the NY Times flossing article?

September 08, 2016 | News | The Office of The Palisades Dentists

Freedom of speech is wonderful. It gives us a way to communicate exactly how we feel with almost no sensor. Unfortunetly, when it comes to the NY Times posting an article about how flossing “may” not be necessary, I wonder how guilty the NY Times will feel when people lose teeth and periodontal disease soars.

The author had the nerve to write “Among experts, however, it has been something of an open secret that flossing has not been shown to prevent cavities or severe periodontal disease.” I have never been a part of this “secret”. Where are the experts she is referring to?

It’s not a secret that food particles left in mouth and particularly between teeth is not ideal. There are hundreds of articles citing the benefits of flossing for bacteria removal and even more articles linking dental plaque being released into the blood stream causing heart disease.

Sadly, I am sure many dentists out there are celebrating this article because it will bring more patients to their door. I am hoping my patients take the floss i give them and actually put it to use. A nice smile usually involves a set of teeth and it’s my mission to help my patients keep them!


Flossing Tip

Bring your floss in the shower. Most people complain that flossing takes too much time but nobody complains when I ask them to spend a few extra minutes flossing in the shower.